Image Maker and Poet

Haven’t you ever noticed that on most crime procedurals these days they have a gimmick in solving their cases? For example, Numb3rs has math, Lie to Me has facial lie-recognition, Profiler puts herself in the mind of the killer, Dexter uses a sociopath’s intuition, Bones uses skeletons, CSI says that forensics trumps legwork, and Law & Order says detective work is what gets the job done, etc. And on each of these shows, it’s either their way or the highway—every other method of crime fighting is ineffectual within the particular world of the show—the lawyers and detectives on CSI are either corrupt or slow, the FBI agents on Numb3rs always come up against a wall until some theorem nabs the bad guy, Dexter can be a vigilante because the police department is hopelessly bureaucratic. You ever wonder what would happen if all of these protagonists combined their unique talents and formed an unstoppable Interpol?

The Secret History

The Secret History is a zine exploring history and calligraphic typography and lettering in a manner to develop new ways to present poetry in a design-sensitive manner. This takes the form of a journal evocative of the Secret History by Procopius, contemporary to the Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora. Procopius was a Byzantine writer who wasn’t a fan of the regime and his Secret History was the unauthorized report on the abuses of the Justinian court. With such titles as: “How Justinian Killed a Trillion People,” “How Theodora, Most Depraved of All Courtesans, Won His Love,” and best of all, “Proving That Justinian and Theodora Were Actually Fiends in Human Form,” Procopius depicted phantasmagorical newsbites of excess. When I read his flawed work, it’s surprising to me how “modern” these ancient writers were and that the message of “power corrupts” has lived on as an elaborate Vampire in a purple tunic.


The Secret History 2

In this Second Volume of the Secret History series, we deal with some of my photographs and image experiments laid over in the Midwest and Portland: Friends, Fashion, Boudoir, Music Stickers, Physical Type, theres a bit of each in this book. It’s almost like the world is something to be read; text derived from the “texture” of living. Sure, some people put a filter on it, others put it on a plate looking for perfection before digestion, and others duck it out in front of mirrors, but there’s a lot out there to read. How are we supposed to take it in? Like an amateur Roland Barthes, we turn our eyes away from Wrestling and the Striptease and make sense of the ingredients in front of us, like a luscious plate of Instagrammed memories.


Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing is a book collecting and remixing some of the portraiture work I have been up to for the last year. The Russian critic Mikhail Bakhtin believed the function of the grotesque's to bring the abstract established, status quo ideals of a corrupt culture out into the muddy realm of the physical and thrash it til something new shows up. These glitched out, fashionable portraits fall within that space between the glamourous and the grotesque, between a fine wine ideal of boudoir, pinup, couture beauty and the atom smashed fucked-up three-eye radioactive mutant through multiple exposures, an interest in cubism, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"ting it, animal-headed Egyptian gods, painting with silkscreens, make readies, iPad remixed.


French Lick

The modern Orc has a lot to worry about with the logistics of the battlefield. His hunger for blood is only matched by his hunger for style and it’s often difficult to look one’s best when covered in blood. French Lick is an app that enables the warrior to be the best that he can be. Navigate through curated wardrobes, try on different hairstyles before you make your appointment with the local Troll barber, find different raiding parties to share tips and tricks, and receive specialized updates from the Dark Lord himself. With French Lick, an Orc will look his best climbing the battlefield leader and be a very fashionable Warchief.

french lick