The Grotesque, as show in my "Wolf in Wolf's Clothing" book was about the idea that we need to take things down from the lofty realm of ideals into the dirt and earth that we find ourselves in instead. If we kept looking towards unattainable things, we tend to idealize them, worship them, and lose sight of who they really are. Breaking Bad was a show where the main character was driven by the unattainable. Walt wanted respect and power (because he felt disrespected and powerless) and acted, much like a hollywood star, in the role of "Heisenberg," a badass crime boss who was likely inspired by movies Walt had seen. In his quest for the unattainable, Walt distorted himself and became someone else entirely. As he was wracked with cancer, he wracked himself by shaving his head, adopting his pork pie hat, and even his posture. Walt, in Breaking Bad, is the epitome of the self-made man, but built his goals and aspirations on something unsustainable. By using the power of the grotesque to exaggerate, these drawings are anything but flattering... and in that, offer up the subjects in a more realistic light.
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