As mentioned in my project, "Frank O'Hara's Book Cover," I get bored with the traditional way poetry is presented in print form.
Occupy Wall Street Protest Poster
Untitiled 36x36" acrylic on canvas
Self Portrait in Newspapers, "What's Red and Red and Read All Over?" digital file, poster
Hair Jacket, 3'x5' 2-Color Silkscreen on backlit mylar
Bulfinch's Mythology digital file, poster
Court Ambient Horror 24"x36" acrylic and ink on board
Mixel Pixel Music Poster 24"x36" 2-color silkscreen on paper
Baby Austistic Wallpaper 24x36" 2-color silkscreen on paper
from left to right 
Colophons for Crocodiles 11"x17" 1-color silkscreen on paper
The Tartans dimensions variable, art school cliched art band
Ricochet Glissando 12"x12" 2-color silkscreen on paper, audio on record
The Secret History (live) 17"x22" poster
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